Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem Workshop| Afridat

Afridat will facilitate in this workshops together with other partners. Workshop” – Building own venture as change maker from idea generation through design thinking to enterprise.

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The 4-days seminar is primarily aimed at international students in development- oriented fields. The participants will receive hands-on training on social entrepreneurship and start up co-creation with focuses on synthesizing and designing ideas for social good; tools necessary to successfully start up, manage and scale-up innovative for sustainable businesses; concepts for raising funds and grants writing; and insights into team and networking building for innovation management are taught and practiced, which supplement the theoretical content from the corresponding university courses of the participants. The aim of the seminar is to qualify the participants to carry out independent social business planning, development and implementation of own start up ideas of that will encourage societal transformation for job creation through sustainable innovation that induces positive social change according to international standards. The learned principles and methods of social venture establishment form the basis for successful businesses and, through integrating sustainability into businesses are of practical relevance to the seminar as these help mitigate risks, protects license to operate, and enhances resource efficiency.

The benefits of the learning during the training also extend to business growth opportunities, intercultural communication, improvement in brand reputation, and contribution to positive social impact and network building as well as interdisciplinary collaboration amongst the participants. The seminar is deliberately designed to be participatory in nature based on participants’ own start up ideas and is intended to give the individuals the competence to develop in social business ecosystem through practical guide in structuring own venture(s) through critical thinking for businesses and solutions. The seminar is intended to help foreign students find an easier start in translating ideas into business here and when they return to their homeland, and can thus put their university knowledge acquired in Germany into practical use. It should increase their professional attractiveness for their national building or international organization engagement, as well as show possibilities to carry out their own business plans in their home countries.

The program of the seminar offers space for interaction and exchange of experiences between the German and international participants and the speakers. Cultural peculiarities in start-ups development in the respective countries are discussed and are intended to promote intercultural understanding, especially when dealing with German businesses and development cooperation partner organizations.

There are limited numbers of seats available. Free for all DAAD EPOS study programs´ students and alumni of DAAD EPOS study programs. Accommodation is available and travel cost to be partially refunded. In case COVID-19 challenges persist the organizer may consider other medium (e.g. virtual options) of holding the workshop. Thank you for the understanding. For further information contact: | website: Venue: ibis Hotel Duisburg Hauptbahnhof – Portsmouthplatz 5– 47051 Duisburg. Application deadline: 20th June, 2020, 12:00 PM CET. Register Now