About Us

Afridat is an international corporate consulting company that research and consult for German, European and African companies, SMEs, NGOs, public, private and civic organizations.

Afridat seeks to use data governance & research to shape governance in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Energy, Climate Change, Education, Agriculture, Public Opinion, Information Technology and Migration.

Our Team

Afridat is managed by this team with related experiences over the years in their field of endeavour and now in the core value offering of Afridat. The core executives include:

Dr.-Ing. Ibrahim K. Muritala

Executive Director (Programs & Strategies)

Dr.-Ing. Ibrahim K. Muritala is an educator and researcher in the area of chemical (process) engineering with demonstrated hands-on

Ajibola Segun

Director (Data Scientist)

Ajibola Segun manages both the administrative and all data - IT-related roles in the